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PDF Viewer Pro – WordPress Plugin – Demo

With the PDF Viewer WordPress Plugin, you can embed PDF documents in your WordPress website.

Version 3.1 released. Now secure your PDFs so that users are forced to come to your website to read the PDF !
Also get analytics data like whether user has viewed all pages of the PDF !

  • You can embed a PDF of your desired size
  • Secure your PDF so that users cannot download your PDF
  • Get analytics data straight to your Google Analytics
  • PDF can be also viewed in a modal window
  • You can set your own theme color for the PDF Viewer
  • Through the “Next” and “Previous” buttons, you can navigate through the pages of the PDF
  • With a “Full-Screen” button, the PDF document can be rendered in full-screen mode
  • Through a “Download” button, the PDF can be downloaded
  • You can embed multiple PDF documents in a page
  • The PDF can be embedded in a WordPress post or page using a shortcode
  • Use keyboard arrow keys to navigate the PDF

There are 3 modes in which a PDF can be viewed


In this mode the PDF is displayed with the menu buttons.

Here the PDF occupies the full width of the page, but you can easily set it to occupy a smaller width as per your requirement.


In this mode the first page of the PDF is only displayed. When this image is clicked, the PDF is opened in a modal window.

The below image is the image of the first page that is automatically generated. Try clicking on it.


In this mode the PDF is opened in a modal window when a link is clicked.

With this mode you can convert any link so that a click opens the PDF in a modal lightbox. As a demo, try clicking on the below link.


You can password protect your PDF, and allow the plugin to open the PDF via a special secure key. Only the plugin can read the PDF. If the user manages to download the PDF, he cannot read it because he does not have the password of the PDF.

Demo : Try downloading the below PDF. Upon download if you want to read the PDF, you will be prompted for a password.

(It is also possible to hide the download button)


You can get 2 types of analaytics data :

  1. Impression : This means that the user has performed at least a click on the PDF
  2. Fully Viewed : This means that the user has read all pages of the PDF by spending a definite no of seconds on each page (for example 1 second, 5 seconds etc)

Demo : Go through all pages of the PDF for at least 1 second. When you’ve finished viewing the PDF, you will see a message coming up.

All analytics data will be send to Google Analytics.

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